October 6, 2021

The annals of cryptocurrency, the transition of money from fiat to the digital have seen astronomical growth in the income per capital of many players in the digital money. As an unavoidable channel of wealth, there have arisen poles apart cryptocurrencies in different echelons of the global blockchain. As the refining fire of time and usage continues to try the resistance and support of these digital monies, many of them have failed the test of endurance, usage, solution and acceptability.

For every pros, there are always elements of cons. Hence, Ethereum as the life wire of the ERC20 tokens as programmable and solution driven as it offers, also is engrossed with the fundamental con of high gas or transaction fees. These excessive gas charges have been a wet blanket to the traders on the web of the global second largest cryptocurrency.

The challenge of excessive gas fee has left the wallets of many grumbling, so many discouraged, and the blazing zeal of programmers dampened until the solution finally came.

Through dints of hard work, Tollfreeswap was able to proffer solution to the lingering excessive gas fees challenge thereby letting the globe heave a relief sign. By brain stained drained, Tollfreeswap finally gave birth to the world’s first ever gas reclaim protocol on the Ethereum network.

Toll token offers to be a cash cow on the blockchain industry through its various funnels and channels of timeless streams of revenue generation.

Here is a recapitulation of the various means upon which toll has proven to be indispensable on the block chain:

  • Gas reclaim: under the toll gas reclaim protocol, every trust wallet holder trading on the Ethereum network is availed an unprecedented opportunity to reclaim back all the excessive gas or transaction charges spent on the Ethereum network in the past.
  • Staking: Tollfreeswap provides the most outstanding staking reward globally on the blockchain industry. Under the Tollfreeswap staking platform,every Toll holder or liquidity provider is rewarded with an annual percentage yield(APY) as high as 240%. This is unprecedented.
  • Loan and farming: this is an incredible initiative that enables every farmer in the community to partake in the sharing of 0.04 tolls minted every 15 seconds. This means that in the end of every 24 hours, every farmer in the poll partakes in sharing a whooping sum of 230 tolls which translates to $923,673.00 at the current price of toll.
  • Tollfreeswap also enables artists and participants to trade their non-fungible tokens(NFTs)
  • Networkers under the tollfreeswap project are rewarded with 10% stake value of their referrals and 20% of the reclaimable gas fees of their referrals

It has become imperative to mention that all the transactions conducted on the tollfreeswap platforms are 100% decentralized which gives every participant full control and autonomy over their funds.