October 20, 2021

Your classic and ultra- community rewarding project that enables everyone to earn both actively and passively in one portal.

Here at Toll Bond, No scam or cheat BS, everyone collectively and personally benefits from individual and group efforts, giving room for massive growth and yield with peace of mind.

With various profit mechanisms and rewards, Toll.Bond is the most reliable and secure place to build long lasting wealth in the crypto and digital asset space over and over again.

Visit, make sure you switch to Binance smart chain, connect your wallet, either trust wallet or metamask; then click on the approve button to grant access to the app

Make sure you have purchased or have your TOLL ready to write your name on gold. Also, there is network gas fees, which seems to be a bit high due to network congestion.This simply means you factor in both gas fees and your initial bundle purchase amount which is 0.025 TOLL (which is around $100 as at the time of writing this article).

Note, there are 2 addresses, one is your wallet address, while the other is a proxy address.

1. Wallet Address: This is an address that the portal interact with, that is the address in your trust wallet or metamask which you use to trade TOLL/BNB

2. Proxy Address: This is your unique and dynamic address generated by the portal, which you use to purchase bundle. This address changes each time you receive funds into it. So always make sure you use the current or latest address generated when making deposit into it.


This simply means you will transfer your TOLL from wallet address to your proxy address. Also, when you claim your earnings, they go back into your wallet address, which you can now trade in the market.

Once you have your TOLL ready, you need an upline or sponsor link to access the Dapp, else you won’t gain access.

Go to your wallet Dapp (either trustwallet, metamask) or any other, paste your sponsor link and connect.

Once connected, you need a one time approval before accessing different bundles and packages. Simply click on approve button, follow the instruction and confirm.

There are seven bundles, but categorized into two which are:

(Effort and Effortless)

In the effort package, there are five bundles while in effortless, there are 2 bundles.

Toll Subscription requirement for EFFORT

Bundle 1 - 0.025 TOLL

Bundle 2 - 0.05 TOLL

Bundle 3 - 0.1 TOLL

Bundle 4 - 0.2 TOLL

Bundle 5 - 0.8 TOLL

Toll Subscription requirement for EFFORTLESS

Bundle 6 - 6.4 TOLL

Bundle 7 - 81.92 TOLL


1. Bundle six attracts a monthly passive yield of 0.5 TOLL for 24 months and requires a minimum of 30 persons within your chain who have activated their bundle six.


2. Bundle seven attracts a monthly passive yield of 1 TOLL for 24 months and requires a minimum of 60 persons who have activated their bundle seven.

Any bundle you purchase will automatically activate a staking mechanism which earns you a daily passive income;here,you earn 0.2% daily income of the total amount you used to activate that particular bundle; this will last for a period 120 days until the bundle expires.You will need to reactive your bundle to continue  earning passively. Re-activating bundle means paying your upline or sponsor.

The process is simple:

When you purchase bundle one, the purchasing fee goes to your direct upline and automatically you start earning daily reward. When you refer or introduce someone directly under you, the bundle fee comes to you ( i.e if you have not completed your direct 2 persons) or you earn 1000 points. If you have completed your direct 2 levels, then your downline will earn the spillover reward.

You are mandated to sponsor at least 2 persons directly under you, however, you can sponsor more than two persons. In this case, the third person spills under one of your direct downlines who will earn this bundle fee; however, you will receive 1000 points for sponsoring this person directly. (1,000 points = $10).


You can sponsor as many downlines as possible using your referral link. But, you will only earn points after the first two. (i.e from your direct sponsors 3 and beyond, you earn points)

You earn 1,000 points per sponsor.

To convert your total points accumulated, you must complete your bundle 5 chain (i.e earn bundle 5 fee from 32 persons)

Each of your bundle purchased has a 120 days lifespan, after which you must reactivate to continue earning from your downline purchases. If any of your bundle is inactive, you might possibly miss rewards that are meant to come to you at that level.


Upgrade to higher bundle is mandatory and as result, an amount  required to upgrade to a higher bundle will be locked inside your Dapp as you receive rewards from your down lines, while the rest will automatically move into your wallet. This measure is necessary to encourage your upline, you and your downline as well.

At completion of level 7, a $2M will be rewarded to you.

 Each time you reactivate a level, that automatically starts a new cycle for you.As your downline reactivate in the same manner, you will receive reward as well.

To claim your accumulated staking reward, there are 2 ways;

Claim at ones, or claim the bundles individually.

To claim at ones, simply click on the withdraw button besides the staking where your interests accumulate.

To claim individually, click on the staking link, then you can claim individual bundles.

Simply confirm your wallet, and this will transfer all your earnings straight to your wallet.

NOTE: you need to purchase TOLL from the binance smartchain that is trading on pancake swap in order to take part in the Toll.Bond program. Your TOLL in the Ethereum network will not work here, daring  this will be tantamount to loosing your Toll.